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Why should I use Kirb-Perfect?

Kirb-Perfect is designed to slide over the membrane wrapped 2x4 or 2x3 curb. Then nailed to the outside wall of the curb only. Kirb-Perfect preserves the integrity of liner by not puncturing it through the top or inside wall.

How long of a curb can I make?

Unlimited. Located on both ends of each 30 inch section of Kirb-Perfect are dovetail connectors. These lock the sections together before being filled with mud which makes Kirb-Perfect unlimited.

Can I trim Kirb-Perfect to make a shorter curb?

Yes, but keep in mind, the mud bed and tiled shower floor cannot be thinned. Requirements state mud beds should be a minimum 1½ inches thick at the drain.

Is Kirb-Perfect pitched?

Yes. The top section has the pitch built into it. Embossed arrows point in the direction of the fall.

What type of cement do I fill it Kirb-Perfect with?

Fill with the same Portland/Sand mix used for Pre-Pitch.

Do I have to use 2x4's with your curb?

We recommend it, although there is a way they can be eliminated by sandwiching the liner between the inside and outside wall sections when screwing them together. Fill with Portland/Sand mix for a solid cement curb. Check your local Plumbing Codes if this is an acceptable alternative method.