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Pre-Pitch Extended sticks are for continuing the Standard Pre-Pitch stick length from 36” up to 72”.  Can be used with 40 mil vinyl liners, roll-on liquid waterproofing and for creating thin-bed type foundations when using sheet membranes as water control. For larger shower sub floor areas with a centered drain or whenever the drain is further than 36 in. from any wall. Attaches to the 7/8” end of the Standard Pre-Pitch stick. Each stick measures 7/8 in. to 1 5/8 in. tapered x 36 in. length. Sold 4 per package. Screws, 2-sided tape and complete instructions included.
  • Extends floating capabilities for larger shower areas
  • Molded of high impact plastic with a reinforcing design that is lightweight and non-rotting; used on both wood and concrete subfloors
  • Built-in pitch forms the perfect subfloor slope needed without possessing the necessary skills required
  • Packaged with all the necessary hardware for quick and accurate installations